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Nelo Viper 46

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The Viper has been one of the longest running and most successful lines in the Nelo range. The concept of a fitness boat brought many people closer to the sport of canoeing, allowing you to train or just go for a ride with a good glide without compromising stability. There was still a demand from the market for an even more ambitious design, something that could look like a K1 in terms of responsiveness and speed, but maintain stability and volume that allows using it in any water conditions and by an amateur canoeist. The Viper 46 could have been called the K1 Cinco 46, not only because of its appearance, but also because of its incredible performance in terms of speed but also behaviour in all conditions.

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SizeWeight AthletSizes Viper 46 K1Cockpittoeboard
VIPER 46< 85 Kg5.2 x 0.46 m0.39 x 0.93 m0.79 - 1.10 m
VIPER 46 XXL> 85 Kg5.2 x 0.46 m0.39 x 0.93 m0.79 - 1.10 m
VIPER 464/1012 Kg12 Kg12 Kg9 Kg12 Kg
VIPER 46 XXL4/1012 Kg12 Kg12 Kg9 Kg12 Kg
1PPolyethyleneVery strong and stable plastic construction. It is designed for use on boats that will be used primarily for tourism and/or recreational purposes.
2A1Glass fibreWoven fibreglass and polyester construction, specially designed by Nelo for clubs wishing to purchase more cost-effective competitive boats for the cadet and junior categories.
3FCarbon with vacuum processingThis construction has proven its potential before becoming one of the most popular. It is extremely durable and rigid so is optimal for both training and competition.
4WWRVacuum-processed carbon and KevlarConstruction designed for surfing, marathon training and downhill. The main characteristics are impact resistance and stiffness.
5GVacuum-processed carbonHigh-quality construction, prepared for high performance.
6ECarbon and Kevlar with honeycomb coreThis construction is specifically designed for marathon races because of its lightness and rigidity. The balance between weight and stiffness provides exceptional performance in marathon races.
7SCSCarbon "Solid Composite System"This construction was conceived by Nelo. It makes it possible to produce very solid boats thanks to its composition and the use of the most advanced technologies. It provides an extremely high level of performance thanks to its high level of rigidity.


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